KCSC Outdoor Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Device [Review]

Once upon a time, an outdoor ultrasonic dog barking control device was only used for hunting dogs. Today, they are seen as a great tool for puppies and adult dogs of any size or breed. With so many different devices to choose from, we know how difficult it is to find a good quality one that works.

Many anti barking devices on the market only look at the owners’ comforts which a lot of the time comes at the expense of your four legged pal’s well-being. So how does this product from KCSC fare in this regard? Let’s get into it, shall we!

KCSC Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device Summary

Product Name: KCSC Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device

Website: Amazon.com

Who Is It For:

Range: 50 ft

Dimensions: 5.5 in x 4.9 in x 4.9 in

Price: $46.99

Guarantees: Lifetime Warranty, Environmental Friendly, Upgrade. Satisfaction guaranteed: 100% money back if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Dog Barking Control Devices Rating: 99 out of 100

Dog barking control devices have a bad rep mainly because of the misuse of them or their harmful effects. This device not only works but is very safe for you, your dog, your plants, and pretty much everyone in the area.


Remember that our goal is not to completely silence our dogs but to reduce the occurrences of barking especially at inconvenient times like 2 am while we’re trying to sleep. This device will also do well if you have a neighbor’s dog that likes to sing to the moon at night while you’re trying to recharge your battery!

This one is best used outside and has a beautiful birdhouse design that blends right in with your yard’s natural environment. The microphone is specially designed to sense dog barking so it won’t disturb your dog over every little noise either.

That would be sort of interesting though, could you imagine? Your dog barks all night, so if this device picked up every little sound at night and fired off each time, it would almost be like your dog also has a pesky noise bothering it all night too, lol.

But luckily, this device won’t be doing anything like that. In addition to a smart microphone, it is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about it being caught in the rain.

The only thing this device won’t work on are deaf dogs but for most, it outperforms the other devices of its kind.

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KCSC Anti Barking Device Benefits That You Will Love

The one thing that you will need from any good anti barking device is portability.

With this device, you can set it up just about anywhere and since they are water resistant, you don’t have to worry about things like rain and snow. This means that you can put them on your picnic table, windowsills, hanging from a tree, or anywhere you want! Heck, you could even put them on the roof!

Another awesome benefit about this device is safety. It is completely safe for your dog and does not cause any harmful effects that devices like e collars can incflict.

It is also more effective than other devices like older model ultrasonic anti barking devices, citronella collars, etc. This is cutting edge technology right here so you know you can’t go wrong with that!

How to Use the KCSC Outdoor Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Device?

dog_barking_control_devices_KCSC_outdoor_anti_barking_device_These devices are really cool. They use a training method called classical conditioning which you might be familiar with if you have children. This method basically takes two stimuli that when paired create a certain result. In this case, the dog relates barking with an unpleasant sound and learns not to bark under certain circumstances such as late nights.

They do this by emitting a high-frequency (aka ultrasonic) sound and a uniquely specialized sensor that specifically targets the sound of dog barking.  When it registers the barking sound, the device emits a short burst of noise.

Since the dog does not like the frequency of the sound, it will be distracted from whatever it is barking at. This occurrence will stop it from barking.

Eventually, your dog will correlate the two actions and learn not to bark. It takes some time to train your dog but with patience, bark-happy dogs learn to control themselves.

Again, remember a dog’s barking is natural to it and is akin to speaking. Our goal here is minimization, not eradication.

Thankfully, the KCSC has a dial that allows you to slowly fade it out of the training process and ensure that your dog leads a normal life. Plus, you may still want your dog to bark at intruders – it does come in handy in more ways than one.

KCSC Description and Features – Introducing The Latest Innovation In Electronic Bark Deterrents

Here are some features you can expect from this amazing dog barking silencer.dog_barking_control_devices_KCSC_outdoor_anti_barking_device_features

– Harmless to all thing in range of the device such as you, your furry friend, your family, neighbors, wildlife, etc.

– Hang it or place it just about anywhere.

– Comes in a sturdy box – gifting it isn’t a bad idea either!

– Weatherproof & durable.

– Test mode used to verify the microphone and speakers work.

– There are two LED-colour indicators to tell you about the battery level.

– There are two speakers on the device that emit sound waves and an internal microphone to pick up barking sounds

– A high 50-feet range that can all be remotely controlled

– Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Best Tips to Use Your KCSC Anti Bark Device

– Place it up to 5 ft. off the ground.

– Remove large objects between the device and the dog. The sound won’t travel well through fences or walls.

– Dogs with hearing issues won’t respond to the sound.

– Turn it off when not in use – it helps you stop your pet from becoming desensitized to the sound

– Not using it when its not needed helps your pet to learn how to bark naturally – your pet cannot stop barking throughout the day, and neither should you force it to.

– Not using the device when needed also ensures you get a better battery life.

– Add more units for areas larger than 50 ft.

– The ultrasonic sound will bounce improperly indoors. This unit is designed specifically for outdoor use.

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Who is This Product For?

The KCSC Outdoor Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Device is for you if you are a dog owner, or person who has neighbors with dogs, that is looking for the solution to being constantly disturbed and inconvenienced by accessive dog barking. It is for people who want to make a risk free investment that stops your pet from barking humanely.

If you’ve got a dog who barks a lot, you will LOVE this product. You will also enjoy getting the sound sleep you need, talking on the phone without noise central in the background, and reclaiming your sanity.

What I like About KCSC Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device?

The mechanism of this device simple. Your dogs will realize that the unpleasant sound starts when they bark and will stop barking.

– I really like that there are 3 sensitivity levels that you can adjust as needed. The level one has a range of around fifteen feet while the level 2 and 3 has ranges of 30 feet and 50 feet accordingly.

– I can set it to the maximum without harming my dog(s)

– It has no negative side effect whatsoever on the dogs, enivronment or others in the area.

This new dog control device has not one but two speakers and 3 sensitivity levels for you to choose from. You will love it for both personal and professional use.

What I Don’t Like About KCSC Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device)

There is not a whole lot to not like here. Even on Amazon, this device has 4.5 stars out of 5. Despite this, I have a few things that you do need to be aware of.

– The device will not work if your pet is either deaf or has a hearing disability.

– You need carefully read and follow the user manual with an opened mind and patience. Otherwise, your poodles could end up just being distracted by it for a few days before they ignore it altogether.

– While you can use the device indoors, it is specifically designed for outdoor use so we wouldn’t really recommend indoor use.

My Final Verdict

KCSC Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device Summary

Product Name: KCSC Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device

Website: Amazon.com

Who Is It For:

Range: 50 ft

Dimensions: 5.5 in x 4.9 in x 4.9 in

Price: $46.99

Guarantees: Lifetime Warranty, Environmental Friendly, Upgrade. Satisfaction guaranteed: 100% money back if it doesn’t meet your needs.

I do like a good number of things from this anti-barking device, and coming from someone who has traditionally been vocal about products that lead to animal cruelty, I believe it does speak a lot.

The device makes the right noises, works great outdoors and has many of the reviews that prove it works succeeds in training your dog to control his/her bark.

I 100% recommend this product for outdoor dog barking control.

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